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The Heart Chakra or Anahata in Sanskrit is our fourth Chakra located in the center of our chest.

The Heart Chakra is located in the center of your chest

This Chakra brings balance to the other chakras as it acts like a bridge connecting the three lower energy centers (emotional) with the three higher energy centers (spiritual).

The Heart Chakra houses many of our emotions including forgiveness, acceptance and love. It is where we feel joy and sorrow, peace and pain.

6-pointed star with 12 petals

The Heart Chakra color is Green, but on higher frequencies it can turn to pink. It’s element is Air and is symbolized by a 12-petalled lotus.


Green heart leaf

When the Heart Chakra is in balance, one will feel love and union with all things in perfect harmony. We are able to love, accept and forgive ourselves and others with ease.

We are able to give with unconditional love finding balance between mental and physical being. We do not judge, instead we find abundance and happiness in all things.


Extreme emotions

With a over-active Heart Chakra, we can bounce to the extremes of the spectrum of emotions that are both positive and negative, such as being overly enthusiastic in common situations or feeling exceptionally angry over something small, similar to bipolar disorder (but not really).


Fear of rejection

When this Chakra is blocked, we often find ourselves being extremely critical of ourselves and unable to find a positive outlook on life.

Fear of rejection and unworthiness can leave us keeping distance in relationships with friends and loved ones.

It can also make us codependent and in need of reassurance from others as we crave the need to feel loved.


Watermelon Tourmaline earrings

To open the Heart Chakra using your crystals, it is important to acknowledge and feel the unconditional love in all that is around us. By visiting a meadow to meditate or taking time out of your day to experience the blossoming of the flowers, you will see the Divine love that is in everything.

Crystals that balance the Heart Chakra are:



Here are a few affirmations to repeat throughout the day or during meditation to activate the Heart Chakra:

I am loved. I am worthy. I am in balance with the universe. I accept the past. I love myself. I am open to receiving love. I am grateful for my blessings. My heart is free from the past. I am united with all beings and nature. My energy flows and expands with ease. I radiate serenity and joy. I am blessed. I give and receive love unconditionally. I forgive others and myself.

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