Amazonite Meaning

Amazonite is the Wonder Woman stone, also known as Amazon Crystals. Named after the Amazon river in Brazil, it's a mineral of courage and truth that was used to adorn the Amazonian's shields. It's believed to be used by this Legendary tribe in talismans and jewelry to combat and heal physical infection.

It's energy is primarily soothing and calming and promotes harmony and balance.

Bronze Amazon Statue

Amazonite crystal therapies are mainly about filtering out (or relieving) stresses, healing traumas, taming energies and balancing extreme energies.

Due it's Turqouise color, it's associated with the Heart and ThroatΒ  Chakras, and enhances one's ability to clearly communicate their feelings and thoughts without over-emotionalism. The intentions must be said out loud to activate the Throat Chakra. Any affirmation repeated with intent while holding an Amazonite charm will be augmented and reach the Divine where it can then be manifested on one's life.

Amazonite speaks to the Heart Chakra,

Meditating with Amazonite brings a keen awareness of the consciousness. It inspires one to listen and comprehend the other as it helps to calm down your energy and enables you to see things from their point of view.

To make a lucky-charm, combine three Amazonites and a small amount of basil and mint in a small pouch. Leave it in front of a turquoise candle until the candle burns down

To the Egyptians, Amazonite symbolized good luck and fertility and it was carved into small amulets for strengthening the reproductive capabilities of it's wearer. The ancient Book of the Dead β€œThe Judgment of Osiris,” was carved on tablets of Amazonite.

Silver scarab brooch with amazonite

Although Amazonite is not a traditional birthstone, it's turquoise color is one of the natural birthstones of those born as spring begins (20 March to 19 April), and for that it's considered a secondary Taurus birthstone. Those born under the signs of Aries and Leo have a natural affinity for this crystal.

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