How to use Healing Crystals ๐Ÿ’Ž Spiritual Energy Guide for Beginners

On Facebook chat with Trixie from Nevada chatting about crystals, the question came up:

"I wanna to know more about their healing properties. How to use the energy in them?"

Here's the long version

Crystal healing lore

The lore of crystals and their meanings and their metaphysical properties is old. Dating from the earliest times of humankind, it's very very rich and comprehensive. There are many different interpretations and belief systems built around it, as well as many authors on the subject who don't always see eye to eye and attribute different meanings to different crystals - that's why it's important to do our research and be open to what these authors have to say (after all, they might have more experience when we do and something valid to teach us) - at the same time ignore them for a second and just allow ourselves to feel the crystal energy and take notice of how that energy changes our current state, how it affects our emotions and general mood or disposition.


Crystals and their properties

The right Crystal for the right job

So crystals have their energy, and different types of crystals or minerals will have slightly different metaphysical properties. It's a good idea to have a varied selection of healing crystals for appropriate situations and purposes - And that's the first thing I would recommend doing: To figure out what you want out of the experience.

Step One: Get clear on what you're trying to get out of a crystal healing session

Why are you seeking crystal healing? Do you want to heal a broken heart? Are you going through grief? Or are you recurring to crystals for anxiety? Maybe you're facing a big decision and need clarity to analyze your options, strengthen your intuition, balance a relationship, balance yourself... Whatever it is, you got to know what it is.

Choosing the right healing crystal

Step Two: Choosing the right crystal for you

Once you have that in mind, step two is to select the crystal that seems right to that occasion. Don't worry it's not an exact science, there's no rights or wrongs. I personally have a Rose Quartz palmstone that I like very much and use most of the time regardless of the situation. However matching the adequate combination of healing properties with your purpose at that moment has enhanced benefits compared to using your favorite crystal for everything. Always have a varied selection of different crystals and minerals you can choose from - the right tool for the right job.
Do your research. There are many resources out there (we have our own series of articles exploring the healing properties of different types of crystals) and like previously mentioned, this is not an exact science and advice can vary widely from source to source. Take it with a grain of salt, people are different, have different belief systems and see the World differently than we do. Try it for yourself, pay attention on how you feel and then make your own decision based on what works for you.
Some crystals are believed to act like energetic sponges, absorbing negative energy from it's surroundings and from whoever it comes near to or in contact with. The negative energy that our crystals pick up from the environment affect and change the natural vibration frequency of the crystal, who need to be cleansed and purified before it's ready to use.

Smudging your crystals

Step Three: Cleansing, purifying and recharging your healing crystals

There are many methods to recharge your crystals, putting in the soil near a healthy plant, bathing in moonlight, salt baths and my personal favorite: Smudging. Certain aromatic herbs are rolled up into bundles and burnt like natural incenses. Their smoke is believed to remove any dark or negative energy in your crystals. Simply light up a bundle of Sage or a Palo Santo stick and let the smoke rise and touch your crystal. Imagine the smoke cleansing away the unwanted energies and recharging your crystal to it's natural balance. And as an added bonus you get your space smelling great, helping you to relax and get in the right state of mind, psychologically getting ready for the actual meditation.

Hold the healing crystal in your hands

Step Four: Meditating with your crystal

Once you know what you want out of the healing session, you have the crystal that feels right for it all charged and cleansed, it's time to meditate. Note that there are many methods, I'm just sharing the way that I do and that works for me (I'd love to read how you do yours in the comments!). It's always healthy to keep reading and seeking for other people, listen to their experience and then figure out what works for you. Like we see in raw crystal specimens from the same lot, where they each are found on the very same pocket but have different sizes and shapes, we humans are all made of the same stuff yet we're all unique in our own way. Find out what works for you.

Getting mindful with crystals

Getting in the right state of mindfulness

So, to use the healing energy in the crystal hold it in your hands and meditate. Palmstones are made for this very specific purpose. Their round shape and smooth finish at the right size feels right in your hands and are very comfortable to hold. You will sit down comfortably in a quiet place and hold it in your palms. Now close your eyes and all you're going to do is pay attention to your breathing pattern. That's it. The goal right now is to bring your heart rate down and get into a calm, peaceful and observant state of mind. This is an important step, our brains are very fast to process input signals from the world surrounding us and it can be a real challenge to not let our minds drift and wander away from our breath. The key is to be mindful of where your attention, focus and thoughts, where our minds default to when we let it flow free. When your mind drifts, simply acknowledge it drifted and let that thought go. Go back to paying attention to your breath, in and out. It's a control exercise, it sound really simple but mastery takes serious dedication and practice.

ย Crystal healing meditation

The Crystal Healing Technique

Once you're in a calm and tranquil state of mind, and it's not drifting that often, notice the crystal. Feel it. Notice the weight, the shape, the texture... Notice the energy. Just feel the crystal energy. Allow it to interact with your own energy (or mood, or vibe, or aura, or soul, or being, or the divine... There are many ways to perceive and manifest energy). It got a little harder now, there are 3 elements that we need to be mindful about instead of only one: In addition to focusing on your breath you're also focusing on the crystal and on how the crystal energy interacts with your aura energy. Always acknowledging when your mind drifts away and bringing it back.
And notice how it feels, how it influences you. Many people report a sense of tingling and heightened senses, others feel the crystal getting warm and even vibrating - all those symptoms are a very personal and intimate thing, and can vary widely from person to person. That's why I'm emphasizing to be in an mindful and observant state of mind and to pay attention on how the crystal influences how you feel. The more crystal healing sessions you do, the better you get at it. It's a learned skill and you will get better with practice just as any other skill like playing soccer or juggling. Keep doing that for as long as it makes sense for you in that moment. There is no right or wrong, but I notice stronger and more enduring results if I keep at it for around 20-30 minutes at a time. Another cool thing to do is to have a voice recorder app or journal and immediately write down what you experienced and how does that made you feel. With enough entries you can better understand your relationships with different healing crystals and their metaphysical properties, and make better choices in the future, further enhancing your quality of life.


Enchanting or Programming your Crystals

A slightly different technique I use quite a lot to tap into the healing energy of the crystals is something called Crystal Programming or Enchanting. In crystal programming you will also meditate with a crystal, but you will "program" positive energy manifested in the form of an intent or purpose into the crystal. In other words you will project a feeling, a wish, a prayer... any intent you want into the crystal. Just like negative energy can influence and alter the energetic frequency of crystals for the bad, our positive energy, our positive intent will influence and alter the crystal vibration for the good. The crystal will assimilate your intent and their energy will carry it and emanate it just as it were a native energy of your crystal.


Crystal carvings in different shapes will irradiate energy differently

Energy inside the crystal

Crystal balls or spheres

Crystal ball energy

are great for this purpose, since their spherical shape has their energy emanating to all directions at the same time, they make the ideal metaphysical artifact to fill a room with positive energy. I always keep Black Tourmaline spheres spread around the house for spiritual protection and will combo them with different crystal spheres depending on what's going on that day or week.


Crystal towers, points, wands and scepters

Concentrated beam of energy from crystal points

in the other hand will concentrate and focus most of their energy flowing in the direction of their tip. You use them to direct a concentrated flow of energy wherever you want. You can point towards someone to send them good vibes, or to a specific part of the body like each one of your 7 chakras, or up to the Divine and the Universe, or down for Mother Earth.


You can also enchant tumbled stones and carry them with you, or... in your crystal jewelry!

Enchanted healing crystal jewelry

Because your every day carry crystals are always near you, in your pocket, purse or in the crystal jewelry you're wearing you get an extra boost of healing energy that helps you throughout your day. You can be talking on your phone or simply walking down the street and just rub your tumble or your jewelry to get a little bit of the intent you enchanted the crystal with.

Those are the ways that I personally use to harness the energy of crystals and tap into their beneficial healing properties, and they work for me. I would love to read your opinions and ideas in the comments!

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