Rose Quartz Meaning and Healing Properties

Pink Rose Quartz meaning

Rose Quartz (or pink quartz) is a variety of quartz that's regarded as the love stone and associated with the Greek goddess of Love and Beauty, Aphrodite (also known as Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love). One of the ancient beliefs is that Rose Quartz is a stone of beauty, that would stop the aging process and make people more beautiful. Several carved Rose Quartz face masks were retrieved from Egyptian tombs.


Rose Quartz the love stone

This light pink crystal attunes to the Heart Chakra and its energy feels caring, comforting and reassuring - like motherly love if you may. It is among one of the best crystals to attract Love - Not just romantic Love, but all kinds of Love that surrounds all our relationships: With our sisters and brothers, our neighbors, co-workers and all of our fellow humans. The Rose Quartz energy is used to instill kindness, compassion and empathy towards others, and can yield beautiful results in our lives and relationships when used properly. This is a TaurusΒ birthstone, and a special lucky stone for Taurus woman - that still can benefit people from all the Zodiac signs.

It's colors may vary from a very light pink stone all the way to a deep rich pink crystals. As in any crystal or gemstone, the way the energy feels to you is a more important factor than the specific hue or grade of the crystal. Some people are attracted to the more intense and deep pink, while others love the really pale and translucent variety at the same time others will only gravitate towards the polished rose quartz with stars.

Rose Quartz Meaning and Uses

Rose Quartz Healing Properties

The gem of love speaks to the love Chakra and it's healing properties are harmonious with all relationships, but it's really special when it comes to romantic love and it's the best crystal for love and marriage. It's warm and comforting energy teach us to be more compassionate, kind and loving towards our loved ones, helping us to see through our shortcomings and remembers us who that other person is and what they mean to us.

Remember: We're all humans, we're imperfect and we're all learning and evolving together - some people don't have certain emotional aspects mastered in certain areas, and that is fine, they're likely to be more mature and evolved in other aspects that you're not - and that is alright too. We're all learning here and no one is 100% in everything, all the time.

Tumbled Rose Quartz

The Rose Quartz powers will manifest in our relationships, but it actually acts on ourselves, balancing our internal energy towards loving and compassionate emotions, helping us to feel and display empathy and care for one another, and as a consequence or side effect transforms us in a more pleasant and gracious person, thus enhancing our relationships.

Rose Quartz Uses

Wearing Rose Quartz jewelry is useful to always have a source of kindness and empathy available when we're not feeling loving towards others. Keeping a small rose quartz under pillow is also useful to help us get into the loving state we want.
Rose Quartz is a stone that can help us through all our lives, and makes a great choice in several different stages we go through. It all starts before we're even conceived: Rose Quartz is a libido enhancer and fertility crystal, and although thereΒ is no hard scientific evidence, it has been employed to help women get pregnant and nurture their unborn baby inside the womb. A really famous Talisman is a Rose Quartz yoni egg, that benefits women that are trying to conceive or nurture the baby. It's aphrodisiac and breeds intimacy between couples.

Rose Quartz Yoni egg for fertility

Pregnant women also find Rose Quartz to help them calm down and have serenity during pregnancy. After the baby is born, place a raw Rose Quartz stone under the crib to soothe and calm the baby. The Rose Quartz energy resembles the mother's love and can help in those long sleepless nights.
When the baby grows up to be a beautiful grown human being, they'll benefit from Rose Quartz by applying it to nurture and heal their relationships with their friends and family, as well as with their special someone.
It can also be an extra aid as a crystal for depression - that does not in any way substitutes any medical and psychological treatment, but act as an extra source of love and hope that may comfort and reminds us that Love is abundant and readily available in such dark times. It will NOT heal your depression, it will help you to endure and withstand it while you're following medical and psychological advice to get out of it.
Meditating with Rose Quartz can be proved to be helpful in overcoming shyness and social anxiety: Because the way it's energy acts upon us, we're seen as happier and more approachable people, that are loving and calm.
Speaking of calm, Rose Quartz works wonders in calming anger and dissolving resentment, being also employed as a crystal to comfort grief. It works on our ability to forgive, be compassionate and understanding of others. Great for healing from painful love experiences that we invariably undergo at some point in our lives.

Rose Quartz Meditation

To charge your Rose Quartz item, we suggest meditation as we do with all other stones.
Rose Quartz will absorb negative energy, and needs to be cleansed prior to any programming or charging.

To cleanse Rose Quartz crystals you can choose the method you like, we have a bias towards smudging with white sage for being as effective as any other method while being the quickest with an added bonus of your meditation space smelling awesome after it.
After you have cleansed your Rose Quartz crystal, get in a comfortable position (sitting is preferred to laying down - it's harder to fall asleep) and hold your Rose Quartz in your hands or place it in your Heart Chakra.

how to energize rose quartz

Focus on your breathing and just concentrate in deep, slow breaths for a moment. Be present, be in the moment. With your eyes closed acknowledge that you exist, acknowledge where you are, and acknowledge the feelings and emotions you're experiencing right now. Be mindful and be present. Feel the crystal, feel it's cold touch, feel it's energy and allow your aura and Chakras to resonate and synchronize with that energy. Take some time to allow your mind and soul to register that.

 rose quartz meditation

Then you will think of what you want to achieve with this crystal: Maybe you want to heal a loving relationship, maybe you want to attract love, or maybe you want to heal the pain from losing a loved one. Maintain your calm and deep breaths and think of what are the healthy emotional state you want to be. Rose Quartz energy is about unconditional love and kindness and empathy and compassion. Feel that energy, draw it from the crystal, draw it from the Universe and let it fill your whole being. Keep thinking of what love means to you, of what the other person represents to you, and let forgiveness set in. You will emulate the feelings and emotions you wish to feel, and project that back into the rose quartz stone you're holding. Do that for any amount of time you desire, we recommend a minimum of 20 minutes once a day.

Using Rose Quartz

After you meditated with your Rose Quartz, it will be charged with all those feelings and thoughts you had while programming it. It's a powerful talisman that you can resort to and tap into it's power at any time.
The way it works is that your subconscious mind have associated that amulet with the feelings and emotions you binded to it, and every time you remember it by seeing or touching it (or even thinking of it) all those thoughts and feelings will surface and be available to you.

how to use rose quartz for healing

Let's say you find yourself hot headed in the middle of an argument with a colleague or your partner, take a step back and touch your rose quartz jewelry or reach in your pocket for your amulet or hold the rose quartz ball that sits in your desk and allow it's loving energy to take over your current feelings of anger and resentment. Your subconscious will re-create the intent you set into the talisman while meditating with it and you can tap into that positive energy and turn the discussion around and replacing the momentary bad emotions with good and positive feelings that you want to manifest.

An extremely important point that often gets overlooked: You MUST repeat the process of cleansing, meditating with your crystal and charging it often. It works like taking a shower: You're clean and smell great right after it, but if you don't do it every day you'll eventually not be clean anymore and will stink badly. You have to do it over and over if you want to benefit from it. Do it once, you get the benefit once. Do it always, you'll always benefit from it.

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