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Healing Crystals and their Meanings - Seleninte meaning

Selenite crystals are a variation of Gypsum, it's typically white with striations running along it's length.

It's named after Selene, the Greek goddess of the Moon, but it's also called the Satin Spar, Maria Glass and Desert Rose

Selenite is regarded as an excellent energy cleanser a healing stone for mental clarity, and is among the best healing crystals to dispel negative energies and cleanse auras.

Selenite wand

How to use selenite is as simple as waving a selenite wand from the top of your Crown Chakra all the way down to your feet close to your body, with your eyes closed and calm breath, visualize all the stress, turmoil and negative energy that's on your mind, spirit and soul being sucked away. Repeat this process a couple of times and you'll find your mind at peace and all the noise tuned down, granting you higher mental clarity.

Selenite Massage Wand

It's important to ALWAYS cleanse and purify your Selenite crystals before and after use. Because it's so effective in absorbing away those bad energies, any bad thoughts or feelings that might be around it (even if it's in a room with nobody in it) will end up being absorbed by it. Using a bundle of white desert sage or salt bath will do the trick.

Selenite crystal cluster
This is a great healing crystal to carry everyday with you (this selenite heart is perfect for this)because it'll continually dispel negative energies throughout your day - Just make sure you cleanse your crystal when getting home.

In your home is great to have little charms on all the corners of the house, as means to keep your space in high vibration, positive energy.

Despite being white, it primarily corresponds to the Third-Eye Chakra; and is primarily a Taurus zodiac sign healing stone.

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