💎Mindfulness: Walking and Meditation

Demands, and lots of them. Pulling us in more directions than we have time for, or so it seems. In this modern world of high tech devices, and connectivity there always seems to be a demand upon us to respond, perform, and commit. Whether it be for work, colleagues, friends, or family, it makes no difference, there is only so much time, and only one self. This self of ours, our higher consciousness, needs to be nourished, these days, it is begging for nourishment.

sitting in a park bench

If our mind and emotions are not alright, our body shows signs of it


Here are some examples of your subconscious hinting you: When you do not answer a phone call that you normally would have from anxiety or lack of energy, or when you call in sick but you aren't actually phisically sick (just sick of work), or when you stall around an aisle at the grocery store to avoid a random coworker shopping for peanut butter (even though he/she is actually nice and friendly), are all signs that our subconscious is protecting our energy centers - or Chakras from negative energies, struggling to find a balance, some peace.


Sometimes we can feel a little "meh"

 One of the best exercises for obtaining, and maintaining our health - both physically and spiritually - is walking. How beautiful that such a simple activity as walking can increase our health and longevity as well as assist us in our daily creativity and happiness when we are being mindful during it.

Walking on the beach

"Walking is man's best medicine" ~Hippocrates

Some of the best philosophers, scientists, and spiritual leaders throughout millennia have known, and suggested daily walks to improve the current situation you find yourself to be in.

Walking meditation is one of the best ways to connect and ground yourself to one of the greatest energy centers we have access to: Mother Earth. In these brisk autumn days leading to winter, it is super comfortable to have a cup of tea and read a book while snuggled up beneath a cozy blanket. However, in the winter it is just as important or possibly even more important to connect with the world which we live in and to appreciate the beauty of the changing seasons, to find our role in it all, and to maintain peace of mind, and to be a source of inspiration to others around us who may not have such healthy habits and are possibly suffering from seasonal depression.

How to do Walking Meditation

Put your shoes on, grab some warm clothes, a blanket, a yoga mat, some healing crystals and head to the nearest park, hiking trail, or the best natural setting you have access to. And if you only have city around you, no worries. Mindfully walk around the city and you may be surprised at the peace you find. The real magic happens inside your head, a nice setting or environment is just helpful to get into that mental state, definitely not required.

walking in the winter

Where you are is not so important as what's on your thoughts

When mindfully walking avoid any use of electronics and engage your senses, leaving full attention to thoughts and surroundings. If with another person, enjoy the journey you two are on and share appreciation for what you're able to experience together

Walk slowly, and calmly, to appreciate each plant and creature you come across. Enjoy the breeze, cloud coverage, sunshine, patterns of shadows, and the overall comfort your body finds in simple movement.

Walking in the city

It's like you're jogging, but you'll be walking instead of running and listening to your senses instead of your iPod

As you pass by, tune your senses into the natural items that inspire you, be it a nice leaf, or feather, or a branch or stone, stop and appreciate it, maybe gather that item with you for your walk.

You can either continue nurturing good and healthy thoughts as you walk, or you could roll this out to a sitting meditation as well - whatever feels better to you at the time, there's no right or wrong here.

Meditating around nature

Being around nature helps us get into a grateful and loving state

When you find a nice place to relax, place those items on the ground, along with your healing stones from home to establish a sacred space. This is a great time to cleanse and charge your crystals with the abundant earth energy that is generated in this process.

Now that you have established your space, roll out the mat, and meditate, if you find it to be a bit too chilly, perhaps perform some yoga, a few Sun Salutations will help you to fully connect with your surroundings and get into the right mental and emotional state.

Meditating in the park

 Focus on your breathing, on how it feels. Feel the cold air bringing Oxygen to your cells

If you have any crystals you're no longer using, this is a great opportunity to leave them behind as little treasure gifts for future hikers and mindful walkers.It'll make their whole day when they find it!

The way I like doing it is holding a tumblestone or a palmstone and focusing your senses and concentration on it. Feel the cold of the crystal, feel it's weight, feel it's shape, feel it's texture, it's energy and power. It's a little exercise that makes us more conscious about the physical world while cleansing our spirits and amplifying our intent, permeating through all the aspects of our lives.

Fluorite palmstone being used as a meditation tool

Meditation is about controlled mental focus

When you are finished with your meditation, thank the earth and universe for the abundance of energy you have gained from this insightful experience. Pack up your things, and mindfully walk back to the beginning.

Have you tried it? Tell us about it in the comments!


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