Aries Zodiac Sign ♈ Healing Crystals for the Sign of the Ram

Aries Zodiac Sign

 Aries Zodiac Sign Ram Symbol Red Mars

Aries Dates

March 20-April 21

Aries is the first Zodiac sign, and those born between the months of March and April are under the star sign of the Aries constellation.

 Aries Zodiac Symbol

Aries is the sign of the Ram, and it's constellation is often referred to as the Ram constellation.

Aries Ram constellation zodiac symbol

The ram symbol represents fierceness, impulsiveness, determination and certainty. The ram is a powerful beast that has no fear butting heads with another to achieve its goals and make sure his point is made.

Aries Element

Aries Zodiac Ram Fire Element

Aries is a Fire sign, along with Leo and Sagittarius. The fire signs have elements of spontaneity, inspiration, intuition and a lot of passion.

Aries Planet

Aries Zodiac sign Ram Mars ruling planet

Aries is ruled by Mars. It has a strong and fiery masculine energy and it represents the God of War on ancient Greek Mythology.

Aries Zodiac Color

Aries is represented by the color Red, the intense color of blood and passion.

Aries Power Chakra

Sacral Chakra is Aries' power Chakra. Related to sensuality and confidence harmonizes with the Red.

 Aries Zodiac Sign Ram Symbol

 Aries Birthstones

The traditional birthstones for those born under the Aries Ram constellation are Bloodstone and Diamond.

However contemporary conventions and beliefs have expanded the list of Aries birthstones to include Topaz, Jasper, Aquamarine and Heliotrope as well.

 Aries Zodiac Sign Ram Symbol Fire Element

 Aries traits

Whether you have Aries Sun, Aries Moon or Aries Rising in your chart, here’s what to expect:

Aries Personality

 Aries Zodiac Personality Traits Characteristics

When Aries qualities are balanced,

their energy transmits passion, motivation, determination, loyalty and great leadership as well as spontaneity, frankness and a sense of adventure. They make awesome energetic leaders.

When Aries is on its game, nothing can get in the way. With great strength, Aries can drive right through any obstacle and reach the top of the mountain in no time. 

These traits show up in physical appearance and qualities. You may notice that someone with Aries fire is athletic with good muscle tone and power. They stand tall and confident

Aries Red Crystal birthstone

To reinforce these abilities consider using these stones to keep that Aries strength: Carnelian, Fire Opal, Spinel, Amber, Garnet, Sardonyx and Ruby

 When Aries qualities are imbalanced,

If you have the Aries sign on your side and you are not experiencing this energy in your life, things could be looking like this:

When the Aries Ram is out of balance all that wild fire causes tension, a bad temper, anger and frustration as well as pride, vanity, selfishness, and impatience. Jealousy could be more prominent, impatience, self aggrandizement and even violent behavior.

These traits physically can show up as tight muscles leading to fatigue, headaches, loss of physical strength or misuse of it. Posture may be affected or their stature may be intimidating rather than inspiring.

If you have a lot of the Aries fire in you, consider healing crystals with calming and soothing energy to tame it such as Lapis Lazuli, Moonstone, Aquamarine and Labradorite.

Helix Aquamarine balance Aries

Be careful of that tendency to become overconfident to the point of becoming stubborn and not listening to other people's input. If stubbornness gets you, Rhodochrosite can be used to help you return to your heart and come back to acceptance of the situation.

Each occasion is unique. Go with your gut when choosing the right healing crystal for you. Your eyes will tell you which one is best for you. When you take a look at a stone notice how it makes you feel, if it makes you smile, if it makes you light up, inspires curiosity, joy, peace, creativity, notice that and follow the sensations that you are looking for.

Aries Compatibility

The Aries Woman

Aries Woman

has a certain flavor of power and strength like none other. She is goal oriented, creative, energetic and playful. Her sense of humor and wit will keep you laughing and on your toes.

For a special lady with a fire in her heart remember to keep it lit with surprises and adventures. She likely has an appreciation for luxurious evenings of romance and bliss.

Consider adorning the nightstand with a beautiful piece of Carnelian to awaken her sensual nature. Bring in some Labradorite to show her how uniquely beautiful she is!

Labradorite Crystal for Aries woman

If she is a mother, give her an Amber necklace to wear to keep her fire going while staying calm with its power to keep the mind clear, balance emotions and relieve headaches. 

When she's focused on her career, offer her a substantial piece of Citrine for her workspace. Citrine will help to keep her aligned with her goals, manifestation power and positive growth of wealth into her endeavors.

When she’s having a rough day and needs a boost of strength, offer her the powerful Bloodstone to remind her of her inner strength and protect her from those who might be jealous or intimidated by her power.

Aries Women you probably heard of

Lady Gaga

March 28th

 Lady Gaga Aries Zodiac Sign Diamond Aries birthstone jewelry necklace

Aretha Franklin

March 25th

Aretha Franklin Aries Zodiac Sign

Mariah Carey

March 27th

Mariah Carey Aries Zodiac Diamond ring Aries birthstone

Kourtney Kardashian

April 18th

Kardashian Aries Zodiac Sign Necklace birthstone Aries

 The Aries Man

Aries Man Jupiter Annon Horn

has a certain shine that attracts all types of people to him. His obvious confidence and passion gives him a certain charisma that is hard to miss. He will accomplish everything he sets out to do and stay in the spotlight effortlessly.His loyalty is unwavering and expects everyone around him to rise up to meet him.

When it’s time to surprise him with a gift of appreciation for all he offers you, consider the dreamy Aquamarine to remind him to relax, trust and let go of the constant doing. Though he shines his bright fiery light much of the time, after all is said and done his tender heart needs nurturing too. 

If he is a father, remember that he will do anything to protect his little ones, but he wants to play. Hard. Give him a Heliotrope to stay safe during the wild adventures and play time he shares with his youth. He will delight in the play and love they share

His career is likely one that he built himself. He is a powerful manifester and will work himself to the bone. It can be easy for his body, mind and soul to get tired out from all that creating. Red Jasper or Quartz Crystal can be used to ease the effects by uplifting the heavy energy from people he interacts with or even sugar and caffeine. 

Red Jasper crystal for Aries men zodiac sign aries birthstone

When he’s just having a rough day, bring it back to the heart again. Carnelian will help him reconnect to his power chakra, his sensual side and remember to take joy in the pleasures of life when things get tough. Obsidian and Black Tourmaline are perfect for clearing up any negative energy he may be carrying, as well.

Aries men you probably heard of

Elton John

March 25th

Elton John Aries Zodiac sign

Eddie Murphy

April 3rd

Eddie Murphy Aries Zodiac sign celebrity

Jackie Chan

April 7th

Jackie Chan Aries Zodiac Sign celebrity birthstone

Robert Downey Jr.

April 4th

Robert Donwney Jr Aries Zodiac Celebrity Sign

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