Natural Healing Crystals

A Natural Healing Crystal is a Crystal that hasn't been submitted through any process - such as cutting, polishing, carving and other treatments. A Natural Crystalย  It's the raw crystal as most preserved since it has been unearthed.

Raw Crystals

Raw crystals are called like thatย because they haven't gone through any process. It's the most natural and organic you can ever get! In this collection you will find

Crystal and Mineral Specimens

Mineral specimens in matrix, unaltered just the way Mother Nature gifted them to us

Crystal Points

Many crystal varieties grow pointy terminations - and we love them! Crystal points have notย been cut nor polished - it's the natural shape which it hasย been formed. If you're looking for shiny, lustrous polished crystal points, please check our Crystal Towers collection

Clusters and Geodes

Crystal clusters and geodes are clumps of crystals (of the same type or not) that grow multiple terminations on multiple directions at the same time. Giant Amethyst geodes and Quartz clusters are here!

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