Polished Crystals

Polished crystals areΒ  crystals that have their physical shape altered through processes such as cutting, carving and polishing. Each one of these Crystal Healing tools are aimed to modify the crystal energy for specific purposes.

All items under this category have had their shape changed or manipulated in some sort. If you're looking for raw, natural, unpolished, rough and unaltered crystals please browse the Natural Crystal and Raw Gemstones Collection

In this collection you'll find:


Tumbled Stones

Small polished pebbles perfect for crystal grids and as every day carry crystals.

Palm Stones

Oval and smooth polished crystals. Perfect for meditation and healing work.

Crystal Balls

Round polished crystal spheres and orbs. They'reΒ believed to emanate their energy to all directions simultaneously, making them the perfect crystal shape to fill a room with aura healing energy.

Crystal Towers

Pointy and often self-standing, crystal towers are carved and polished this way so the energy is concentrated in it's tip, which blasts through with full power making great directional energy tools for healing and for experienced lightworkers that understand very well the healing energy of crystals.

Crystal Pyramids

Crystal pyramids are similar to crystal towers from an energetic standpoint, the difference is that they hold the energy on it's core and it's moreΒ balanced than the towers.

Crystal Hearts

One of the most sought after hand carved shapes for crystals and stones. In a huge variety of minerals, sizes and styles.

Crystal Sculptures

Creativity is limitless. So are the multitude of carved shapes a crystal canΒ be carved! From crystal angels, to carved animals and crystal skulls!

Crystal Wands

Crystal wands are great for healing work on theΒ body. Some wands are specific for massage, while others act more energetically than physically on us.

Crystal Cubes

Some crystals form naturally in cubes, some others are cut to a cubical shape. Crystal cubes are great to combine the energy of two different crystals in a combo - just stack them!