Shiny Crystals

Who doesn't love shiny crystals? That beautiful sparkle of light that reveals awe inspiring shimmering colors brings little magic moments into our lives.

And seriously, who in their right state of mind DOESN'T like shiny crystals and rainbows? Find beautiful flashes of Labradorite, rare iridescent crystals and scintillating stones with the mostΒ beautiful natural rainbows you've ever seen!

Iridescent Crystals

Iridescent means a luminous play of color on an object (a crystal for example) surface that gradually changes depending on the angle which the light hits the object. TheΒ best example is LabradoriteΒ that has it's characteristic colorful flash. There's a name for the specific iridescence of Labradorite: Labradorescence. The same thing for Opals, there's a specific term just for them: Opalescence.