Burning Sage benefits

Natural incense sticks, smudge bundles and burning sage not only make your space smelling great, but the sacred Smoke is used to cleanse bad energy from your crystals and your house.

How to use Sage

Using Sage is very simple. You just fire up your hand wrapped sage bundle until it  has some ember going on. You don't want it to be actively burning into flames, but rather with a glowing ember and releasing the cleansing smoke

How to cleanse bad energy

To cleanse bad energy, just grab your preferred smudge stick, Palo Santo, Cedar bundle, Lavender bundle, Whide Desert Sage Smudge  - Whichever one feels right at the moment, light it up until it's releasing smoke. Then, preferably on a mindful and meditative state hold up your healing crystal and let the holy smoke of your smudging tool bathe the crystal. You can meditate, you can observe and even say a cleansing prayer while you do it. Just visualize the smoke cleansing and purifying your crystal and carrying away all the negative energies that just dissolve in thin air.

You can do the same to your house! It's a great way to get into a grateful state while saying your favorite house cleansing prayer while filling the rooms with the sacred smoke removing all negative and unwanted energy from your space.