Ruby in Zoisite Tumbled Stones
Ruby in Zoisite Tumbled Stones


Ruby in Zoisite Tumbled Stones

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Also called Anyolite and green Ruby, the only deposits of Ruby in Zoisite are in Tanzania.

It brings the fiery essence of the Ruby in combination with the stabilizing earthly energies of the Zoisite in a unique tri-color combination (the black are Hornenblende inclusions in Zoisite, very common in Anyolites).

It's a unique combination semi precious stone, that balances the male red energy with the female green energy, representing the harmony between the heart and the mind - sometimes the heart wants what the mind knows could be painful.

It's stabilizing and balanced energy is great for people suffering from bipolar disorder, preventing mood swings and promoting self-control; Also being great in helping young adults finding their identity and individuality while still being part of the world surrounding them. Those seeking for emotional intelligence and emotional maturity can greatly benefit from this green Ruby gemstone.

Ruby in Zoisite is also believed to transform negative energy into positive, and has been used to create feelings of happiness, appreciation and joy, combating lethargy and breeding spontaneity and laughter into one's life. Recommended when enduring depression and grieving.

Ruby in Zoisite is not present in the ancient lore, thus not having a primary Chakra nor it's a traditional birthstone. It has Ruby stone meaning it will harmonize with the Sacral Chakra, and the Zoisite attunes with the Heart Chakra, however is not uncommon to find authors that also associate the Ruby Zoisite stone with the Crown chakra and Third Eye chakra, being consistent with the balancing heart and mind characteristic of this crystal stone. Arguably relates to the Root Chakra as well given the presence of the black Hornenblade, common in this green Ruby gemstone variety.

It's related to the Fire Element from the Ruby and the Earth Element from the green Zoisite, being suitable as an Aries and Aquarius stone.

Ruby in Zoisite Tumbled Stones