Hand-wrapped native american smudging Cedar stick

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Hand-wrapped native american smudging Cedar stick

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Hand-wrapped native american smudging Cedar stick ships from USA


These Cedar Smudge sticks were hand made in California using ancient native american spiritual cleansing rituals and techniques. They're 4 inches long and weigh around 1.5oz each.

Cedar Smudge bundlesΒ are made to be burnt as an incense, and in doing so they release a fresh smelling smoke that cleanses and purifies, that can be used to cleanse your crystals or your home.

Alright, now smudging crystals is one thing, but how do you smudge a house? The same way, smokers cleanse ceremony! Just light up your smudge stick and walk around your home releasing the purging smoke in all rooms while reciting your favorite house cleansing prayer (don't overthink, any smudging prayer will work). At the end your home will have an amazing smell and a very light and clean atmosphere that makes you feel good with yourself!

Same as your crystals, you can use the Cedar smudge wand to cleanse your aura, similar to Selenite. Simply get into a spiritual state with your prayers on your mind and start the aura healing by waving the smudge stick around your body and feeling the smoke picking up the negative energies from you and letting them go and flow