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Heliotrope - African Bloodstone Tumbled Stone

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Heliotrope bloodstone aries march birthstone ships from USA

Bloodstone - also known as Heliotrope - is one of the Aries Zodiac birthstones and also the birthstone for March.

The Heliotrope color is green, with red flecks caused by Iron oxide impurities. Another name for Bloodstone is the "Christ Stone", based on the Middle Ages legend that the blood stone was formed when the red blood of Christ spilled onto the green fertile earth and turned into stone.

However the Heliotrope mineral is known long before Christ and regarded as the Sun Stone. The name comes from the Greek words helios (Sun) and trepein (to attract), and some authors interpret as "sun-turning" and was believed to carry the power of the Sun - which makes sense, since Christ is a Sun god.

These tumbled stones measure from 3/4" to 1"1/4 (2-3cm) and weigh around 0.5oz (15g). The green color is deep, opaque and intense, and present very few and small red iron oxide specks.

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